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Wild Nothing "Gemini" CD


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Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia born Jack Tatum. Equal parts teenage wasteland and inexplicable regret, his songs are the kind that could only be made by the young at heart. Despite his youth (Tatum is in his early twenties) his music is the product of romantic nostalgia and an obsession with the sounds of the past. Tatum’s dreamy and catchy melodies and intricate synth arrangements yearn to stay with you and bury themselves deep within. Reminiscent of The Cure, Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, the songs on ‘Gemini’ sound familiar but slightly warped, somehow revivalist and modern at the same time. Unlike the string of one-man acts making low fi pop in their bedrooms, Wild Nothing’s devotion to his craft has produced a collection of seriously good homemade singles in ‘Gemini’. From the glistening innocence of Summer Holiday to the purposeful Confirmation, the sincerity and warmth of Tatum’s textural environments drift out your speakers, wrap themselves around you, and warm your bones from the winter chill.