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Sonny & The Sunsets "Tomorrow Is Alright" CD


Image of Sonny & The Sunsets "Tomorrow Is Alright" CD

Sonny & The Sunsets vintage styled west coast pop tells sordid tales of distant travels, heavenly visions and otherworldly despair; their newest LP Tomorrow Is Alright radiating with a classic yet indefinable sound birthed from the sand, surf and twilight campfires of Ocean Beach, California.

Helmed by the acclaimed singer/songwriter, playwright, author & onetime troubadour piano man Sonny Smith, The Sunsets have featured a revolving door line-up that became permanent with Sub Pop’s Kelley Stoltz and members of Three Oh Sees and The Fresh & Onlys Ryan Browne and Tahlia Harbour. Still, more friends and neighbours including John Dwyer, Tim Cohen and Shayde Sartin cosmically appeared to contribute to the album, recorded in various apartments in the Mission District in 2007 and 2008.

The band’s busted beach-pop sparks recollections of the kitchen sink savoir faire of The Raincoats, a dose of goofball humor from the Michael Hurley school and the positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman, with and without The Modern Lovers. Tomorrow Is Alright hits on all the right zones, from sly VU-like observations to the true bedlam explored by Holy Modal Rounders, all the while Smith’s pen soaking with an EC comic’s sense of storytelling, touching equally on the macabre, the absurd, the humorous, and above all, the entertaining.

Sonny & The Sunsets are currently touring the US with Best Coast after appearing on this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, and have plans to visit these shores next year. Cali-pop drenched in sunshine, it’s a sonic trip direct to the west coast as we welcome in a summer of our own.